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STEP 4: Shipping, Tracking & Receiving Your Order


This is the final phase of the basic Importation business cycle. There are two options for you to choose from, right from when you are selecting the product to buy.

Next to the product you want to buy, you’ll see either “Paid Shipping” or “Free Shipping.

Paid Shipping

UPN, TNT, China post, EMS are some of the shipping channels used on, so, the one available for the product you select will be displayed. I don’t usually use ‘paid shipping’ because I always want to reduce my cost.

I do go for products with free shipping. If you go for paid shipping, charges could range from few bucks; say $3 to $10 or even $60 and it’s going to be added to the cost of product you want to get. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to go for a $10 product with shipping cost of $19. Will you?

One thing about paid shipping is, your product gets to you very quickly. After all you paid for it. About 24 to 42 days is the maximum. So if you don’t mind paying additional shipping fee, you can go ahead.

Free Shipping

I minimize the cost of every purchase I make by searching for items with free shipping. But the truth is; it takes a longer time before my product gets to me. But for how long?

Maximum of 1 month and 2 weeks is all I have experienced. So don’t think your products won’t get delivered.

Every of my products get to me, there’s NONE I didn’t receive and I’ve been doing this for more than 6 years.

So, you’ll also have to find products with free shipping that are cheap, top rated, with good customer feedback and star ratings.

Processing Time

Processing time is the time that is meant for the seller, supplier, and producer to package the product and take it to the courier service you picked at the initial stage, and it ranges from 2 – 4 days.

Like I explained in previous lessons, you’ll receive an email that your order has been placed and also, that your order has been shipped to your destination.


One of the reasons I recommend Aliexpress is that it offers a tracking number, sent to your email immediately your order has been shipped. You can use it to confirm if your order has been delivered to the postal address in the city or town you choose.

How to Track

Though I must admit, I trust the services of that I do not even track. Still here’s how to track below.

If you have an android smartphone, download App on Playstore, Login with your details, and go to orders.

GO to the drop down button at the left panel and click “My Orders”.

Note: Each of your orders come with the tracking button.

Click the Item you want to track as displayed below

In there you’ll find the Status of your order (whether it has been shipped or not), your Order ID, and the Time you ordered.

Now click the Delivery Information, that’s where you track.

This is where you’ll find information about you TRACKING NUMBER, the time your order was ready for dispatch and most importantly, a sites given by Aliexpress where you can track your order.

Click on the links given in the page – Could be China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus OR

If you click 17TRACK, all you need to do is input your Tracking Number, track and you’ll get details as to what’s up.

Some people have also claimed to use site like Nipost  and TrackOnline but for me, I use my like I said, I don’t use tracking and that brings me to the last part in here – Receiving your order.

Receiving Your Order

Every city has one or more postal services. Yes, they still function. Just like my postal service does, you’ll receive a call/SMS when your order has arrived to come pick it at the post office.

Head to the postal service office and go with an i.d card to show you are the real owner of the order that has arrived.

Now, you’ve successfully completed Part 1 of our importation business guide, you have the very basic idea of importation business.

  • How about more tips for you to succeed?
  • How can you buy a N10,000 for just N3,000 while increasing your profit margin?
  • How can you ship to Nigeria in maximum of just 17 days?

Join me in the next section (Part 2). Don’t forget to drop your questions in the comment box below.